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THIS IS WHAT WE DO. My New Hope Foundation is starting our fundraising campaign called #MyNewHope. Help us raise funds for our Search & Rescue and Point of Care (POC) Recovery Programs. To make a donation click our DONATE button. Thank you!

Dog of the Month

Momas was an incredible case, nobody offered help and believe that she wouldn’t survive. 

Hi my name is Momas, I would like to thank MNHF, Dr. , Naly & Gabriel my fosters who gave me all the loving care, without them this wouldn’t be possible. 



If you are interested in adopting Momas and/or providing some extra care for Momas veterinarian bills, please call us at 619.292.4229 and we'd be happy to meet you!  To make a donation click our DONATE button. Thank you!

About Us

The Need for Accountability

According to DoSomething.org, approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year.  Of those, approximately 3.9 million are dogs.  In an article from AngloInfo, 45% of Mexican families own dogs.  Unfortunately, there is a dark side to Mexico's 'love' of dogs.  Of the country's total dog population, about 70% are homeless, either offspring of unsterilised dogs or abandoned by their owners.  Mexico has the highest number of stray dogs in all Latin America and it's increasing by up to 20% every year.  In Mexico City alone, over 1.2 million dogs are homeless, with thousands being rounded up and killed by electrocution every month.

The education of pet ownership is broken or not understood fully.  With these alarming statistics continuing to rise, there needs to be a convergence of human empathy and above all, accountability to understand pet ownership and what it entails.  At My New Hope Foundation, we intend to bridge hope with all dogs that come into our care.

My New Hope Foundation is a fully recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of the United States.  Our EIN is 82-4800324.

Our Mission


Our mission is to rescue abandoned dogs in the Southwestern Region of the United States and border cities of Mexico, provide point of care recovery and rehabilitative processes until the dogs are fully functioning, and eventually, provide a better quality of life for these rescued dogs through a thorough adoption process.

Our Vision


Our vision is to foster the education of pet ownership which accompanies love and patience - a staple to understanding the great undertaking and commitment of pet ownership.

Our Staff

Michele Guillen (President)

Atalie Kimberly Macias Guillen (Treasurer)

Nayely Ramirez Hernandez (Program Manager/Specialist)

Florencio Marquez Rosales (Rehabilitation Specialist)

Our Board Of Directors

John Eric Swing

Jose Javier Guillen

Our Partners


Our Programs

Search and Rescue


We conduct weekly search and rescue operations throughout the Southwest Region of the United States and Mexico especially in the border cities where high numbers of abandoned dogs are located.  Typically, 15-20 rescues are performed on a monthly basis.

POC Recovery


We conduct Point of Care (POC) Recovery for all dog rescues which entails the cleaning, first aid, outsourced veterinarian assessment and consultation , and outsourced emergency procedures and operations.  For non-extensive care, we will provide shelter and onsite training for dogs in preparation for our Adoption Program. 



Our Adoption model is unique in nature as it is drawn to educate potential pet owners with the understanding of a lifelong commitment to their adopted dog(s).  It is a five (5) step process.  1.  An application needs to be filled out.  2.  A phone interview with the President will be required.  3.  A face to face appointment with the pet and President will then be scheduled.  4.  A compatibility test will be given during the appointment in order to move forward to the fifth step - 5. Adoption. 


The Story Of My Rescue

My name is Michele Guillen and I am a Dog Rescuer.  My story doesn't really do any justice as what our four legged friends have to endure, but I want to help advocate for pet adoptions and especially, educate potential pet owners that it is a huge undertaking to raise and be responsible for these beautiful animals.

This is my story and why I do what I do.

When I was three years old, my mother had left my family.  In a house where you long to have interaction with others, it was nonexistent for me.  Until one day, I saw a black and white dog who warmly took kindly to me.  I fed her some of the food I could gather from the kitchen and she played with me for the rest of the day.  Before my father came home, I kept her hidden in one of our rooms.  The following day, we continued to play with one another, until my father arrived.  Apparently, one of our neighbors was looking for the dog and they had asked my father if they had seen it.  Of course, I couldn't lie to my father, so I told him that I kept the dog and eventually, we had to return her to our neighbor.  However, the following day, the dog returned to my home.  I was wondering, why would this dog come back to me if she had already a home to live in?  So, my father and I took her back to her owner.  The owner said that he really didn't know how to take care of dogs and if I wanted it, then I could take her home.  My father said it would be fine as long as I take responsibility for everything.  I was clearly ecstatic and couldn't control my excitement as I knew that this really made me happy.  I named her, Chiquilin, which means "small in a sweet way".  Little did I know it was the beginning of my journey as a dog rescuer.

For  the next decade, I came across dogs, cats, chickens, and turtles that were wandering around during the day.  All these animals had two things in common:  visibly abused and abandoned.  By the time I had reached my teenage years, I had rescued and adopted over 32 dogs, 20 cats, 15 chickens, and 4 turtles!  I managed to care for all of them because I would sell oranges to make money to buy food for my pets.  My father was happy that I took on this task, and as overwhelming it may have been, he was supportive knowing that it helped me cope with my mother's absence and brought life to a house that use to be lonely.  The bond of these companions showed me the purist form of love and loyalty which to me is priceless.  In actuality, these animals rescued me. 


Your donations will provide our rescues the continued care and rehabilitation that is critical to their survival.


Our Wish List

Our rescues require a lot of care. Your donations provide food, medication, and shelter for them.

We provided a wish list of the items our rescues often need.  Please donate now.



1. Dog Dry Food

2. Bravecto/NexGard

3. Dog Bed

4. Dog Blanket

5. Dog Bowl

6. Dog Brush

7. Dog Crate

8. Dog House

9. Dog Shampoo

10. Dog Toy


Lucas' Story

During a routine search and rescue, Michele heard a faint cry in an alleyway.  She asked several residents if they had heard it too.  The residents said they heard the cry since yesterday, but were too afraid to assist or investigate because the alley was known to have criminal activities.  Michele asked the residents to call the police and immediately went towards the cry. Passing through the alley, she saw piles of trash littered on top of each other and extending almost halfway into the street.  She followed the cry until it became apparent where it came from.  As the police came towards her, Michele told them that she heard the cry underneath the pile of trash bags in front of her.  As the police started to pull the trash bags away, the stench of rotting meat consumed the air.  It was then, the cry became louder and came from the trash bag located at the bottom of the pile.  The police opened the trash bag and found the cry coming from an extremely twisted ball of fur.  Sickened by the stench and grotesque configuration of the dog, the police said that they would kill the dog to put it out of its misery.  Michele quickly wrapped the dog in one of her blankets and told them that she will bring the dog to a veterinarian and see if it will survive.

When she arrived at her veterinarian, she uncovered the blankets and asked the veterinarian to assess the dog's situation.  After an hour long wait, the veterinarian told Michele the dog's lower extremities have been badly twisted as if a wet towel was twisted out to dry.  The dog would not be able to walk again and it had not eaten for weeks.  The veterinarian told Michele that the chances of survival was not good at all and that he would euthanize the dog if she wanted to.  Michele told the veterinarian to perform immediate operations that will enable to dog to function.  It was during this time, Michele prayed to God and asked if the dog were to survive, she would take care of it.  After a grueling day of operating, the veterinarian told Michele that he did his best to keep the dog alive.  Michele asked the veterinarian to see the dog.  As she approached, the dog stopped whimpering, opened his eyes, then started barking while their eyes met.  It looked as though the dog was saying to Michele, thank you for giving me a chance and I am forever grateful.  As the sun rose, Michele told the dog that she was going to call him, Lucas, after the Biblical person who was known as Luke, the bringer of light.  After Lucas' release from the veterinarian, Michele, brought the dog home to bathe and groom its tattered body.

During the next few weeks, Lucas underwent intensive physical therapy.  Each day, the therapist told Michele that Lucas' progress was remarkable.  Never did the therapist see such motivation and mental courage from a dog.  After a month, Lucas was able to slide towards Michele.  For Michele, this was one of the great memories she has never forgotten.  To Lucas, this was only the beginning of a second chance at life with a caring and loving parent.

To date Lucas no longer uses the daily support of a wheelchair.  He scampers as if he is trotting around without any disabilities.  When he meets new rescues he warms up to them and gives them comfort.  It is as if he is counseling them and letting them know that they are not alone.  Hope is what surrounds Lucas, and if everyone can give just a little to the ones in need, their lives will change forever.

All pets deserve the care and love needed to survive.

At My New Hope Foundation, we hope that our rescues will receive a home for a better way of life.    


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Our rescue dogs have been spayed, neutered and vaccinations are current.

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Our rescue dogs have been spayed, neutered and vaccinations are current.

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